Atmosphere Says It All...


Bella Vista (Beautiful View) truly offers a unique Massage and Spa experience to enhance your Relaxation with a Mediterranean flare. Access to my Private Wine Cellar will take you to an Italian Village with a Stone Fireplace.  Relax by a Fountain of trickling water or Soak in the Hot Tub while listening to the sounds of nature as the Stream floats all your worries away.  I am proud to have created a little piece of Italy that you can escape to. 

This is my passion, I cant wait to share it with you.  


How it all started...

As many of you know, being Italian means so much to me and I love expressing that part of my life.  To add to my Wine decor at home, I had to have a Wine Cellar, so I created one.  It was a retreat for me, a step into my own little Italy anytime I wanted.  Being proud of what I created, I couldn't wait to show pictures.  This is where it began, I had clients telling me this would be a great place to get a Massage.  Not willing to give up my Vino sanctuary, I said "no way."  I heard this multiple times and decided I better start paying attention.  I came up with a plan to share my creation with you all. 

After being a Licensed Massage Therapist for 12 years now, I have built a Family of clients to whom I owe so much.  You all have been amazingly supportive and dedicated.  I cant wait to share Bella Vista Massage and Spa with you.

Welcome to your New Home for Relaxation...



Doug, Amber, Aspen and Aubrey Goss


Special thanks to Dr. Richard and Mary Klingensmith for giving me a chance, believing in me and supporting me through out the years, I couldn't have done this without you! 




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